Is your network ready for a work-anywhere model?

The last 15 months have changed the way we work – and placed previously unimaginable demands on our networks. Video is the new normal for everyday contact. Commercially sensitive data is being accessed over hundreds of dispersed endpoints.

As we move forward, it is clear that conventional network models, centred on premises, are no longer sufficient for a more flexible future. Organisations need to rethink their approach, to deliver the consistent capacity, resilience and security needed for a work-anywhere world.

To explore what that means in practice, Connect is hosting an executive round table event on 7th October. There, you’ll hear from our networking specialists and leading international organisations about how they are responding to this new normal.

At this event you will learn:

What are the signs that your network is no longer up to standard?

What are the essential communication requirements of a work-anywhere world?

What solutions and options are available?

How do you manage the transition from an on-premise model to a dispersed one?

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7th October 2021

11am – 12.30pm


8th floor, City Place House

55 Basinghall Street

London, EC2V 5DU, UK.


David Blackburn

Network CTO, Connect.

The event is for:

  • Senior IT executives
  • Those responsible for ensuring a smooth transition to a work-anywhere model
  • Multinational or multi-site organisations

Spaces are limited. To secure your place, please register today.