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Our people

The driving force behind Connect360.

Our history enables our future.

Connect has exceptionally strong credentials in the customer experience and contact centre domain, this has been hard won in our customers contact centre trenches over the last 34 years, this knowledge and experience is embedded deeply into the DNA and people of the business.  It is this understanding that has allowed Connect to bring real value to our customers, we do this by focusing on our strategy in our measured accumulation of industry-leading experts as our most valuable assets.  It is via these highly skilled people that we have built enhanced capability in activating and maximising the value of your technology in-line with your business strategy.

Within Connect, our people are the key.

Our journey, beginning in 1992 finds the businesses conception with voice managed services and the Avaya contact centre platform –the leading platform of the times. Adoption of the new market darling Genesys these two platforms were the go-to solutions of the day with their on-premise solutions, with time and the introduction of the Genesys Cloud platform, Connect started to build out its cloud migration skills.  It was in 2017 that Protocall One was acquired to enhance Connect’s advanced contact centre skills further enhance our expertise in cloud migration. We added Cisco and Genesys PureEngage to our portfolio, and so began the accumulation of our incredibly competitive Genesys expertise.

Enjoying our position as market leaders, Connect was second-to-market with AWS in the UK, moving swiftly, we strategically acquired Cool Harbour who were first-to-market. Naturally, our AWS Connect experience has developed rapidly and we can now confidently call ourselves experts. In 2019, we expanded our cloud expertise into other cloud-native solutions such as Five9.

Just a year later in 2020, a key acquisition was made of one of the UK’s leading Nuance houses, ICR, introduces our current day expertise in conversational design, Google AI, and voice biometrics. This expertise was built over a twenty-year history in this dynamic space, and now informs our deep technical skills in modern AI, areas such as Large Language Models, Robotics and Natural Language Processing.

Onwards and upwards for Connects knowledge growth! Our skills in customer service management solutions have since been enhanced with an acquisition which has unlocked ServiceNow – Service CX.

Our most recent South African acquisitions, Pivotal Data and illation both in 2022, introduces outstanding expertise in Zendesk and unsurpassed technical and operational skills in the contact centre space.

Unlocking the value of our people for you.

Connect360 is a continuum that empowers these highly regarded experts to engage in your business with the right tools at the right time in your journey. From Business Enablement to Optimisation Services, we have specialists in every area. This allows you to ensure the best possible results at every step of your customer service journey. Our specialists are already an interconnected team and therefore our service and support continuum allow for the smooth integration of technology, rather than the individual service silos you would normally experience when engaging with specific specialists in each area.

Expertise and experience focused on customer outcomes.

With the vast experience and expertise we possess comes the wisdom to understand that your needs evolve, and our differentiating factor is that we anticipate this. In days gone by, technology solutions were enough, today however you need a partner that understands your strategy and works alongside you to empower your unique strategic business outcomes. We are independent of our vendors and are focused on delivering services-led solutions to do just that.

A culture of knowledge and excellence empowers sustained success and endless value. 

We are people-focused and have a strong culture of excellence. This means we understand that anything less than sustained success is not worth investing in. We are in an evolving market, and as such we must continually evolve with it. By unlocking the power of our culture and the expertise of our people the Connect360 continuum can offer you endless possibilities and values thanks to its comprehensive nature and integrated framework.

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