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About Connect.

Our story.

At Connect we have a clear and simple purpose; to help people communicate better. We make this happen by creating better connections and better communication networks that benefit organisations, their people and their customers – building towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all three.

Since 1990, we’ve leveraged our vendor-independent managed services approach to digitally transform how organisations communicate, both internally and externally. We’re growing fast, winning global clients, and solidifying our reputation as leaders in CCaaS and UCaaS delivery.

Over the years, Connect has pursued a deliberate and strategic expansion strategy, acquiring businesses with specific skills and expertise that seamlessly complement our existing portfolio. This approach empowers us to provide comprehensive solutions, enhancing our ability to effectively meet the needs of our customers. With a global footprint across 4 continents, our team of skilled professionals brings unparalleled expertise to our customers spanning various industry verticals.

Our mission.

We connect technologies, processes, and people. We plan for scale, but never lose sight of the details. We think radically and act rationally, making the complex simple.

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Our values.

We’re radical but rational and connection is at the heart of who we are. We prioritise building relationships that enable us to deliver stable, scalable, and sustainable solutions. While we’re proudly partnered with reputable vendors globally, we’re known for our vendor independent expertise. Read more about our values and how they impact our people and planet.

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Our people.

We are passionate about people as they are the heartbeat and driving success of our organisation.

Their diverse skills and dynamic perspectives create a global environment where innovative communication solutions thrive. The collective efforts of our team create a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence thus enabling us to navigate challenges with resilience and discover new opportunities, all while fostering the growth of our people.  At Connect, we encourage questions and conversation, because it’s all about connection.

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Environmental, Social and Governance.

Connect’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspiration is to demonstrate the fundamental role that these principles play in our operations. We aim to demonstrate this to our employees, clients, and external stakeholders.

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Starting a journey at a new company isn’t always easy. It’s about learning, acquiring skills, and building new relationships. It is hard work! But at Connect we are passionate about people. When you join the Connect team, you will be welcomed into our collaborative culture and play an important role in implementing our vision to help people communicate better by leveraging our expertise. Does this sound good to you?

Your skills, integrity and sense of responsibility are the keys to our success, and we need people like you.

Find out how we can help your business communicate better.

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