Bespoke solutions to address unique business challenges with Connect360.

Bespoke solutions to address unique business challenges with Connect360.

Business challenges are never uniform, so why choose an off-the-shelf solution that fails to adequately address your unique operational and customer experience (CX) needs?

Customers can face numerous diverse challenges and encounter various issues related to customer service, CX and engagement with a contact centre.

Limited channel options can create friction and frustration, long wait times and slow call resolution rates negatively impact customer satisfaction, and a lack of skills and capabilities or limited access to customer data and relevant information can limit an agent’s ability to resolve complex issues, leading to frustrating interactions for customers.

While there are numerous solutions available that address these common pain points, businesses seldom achieve their strategic objectives and desired business outcomes by implementing an off-the-shelf contact centre solution from a major vendor.

At best, this approach is an interim measure, addressing a few specific issues but rarely provides a long-term solution that continues to deliver a return on investment. Inevitably, businesses will need additional workaround solutions to fix or adapt their technology to new and emerging challenges.

What businesses need to succeed and grow in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape is a bespoke solution that leverages data-driven insights to support informed decisions about the best processes, architectures and technology solutions to optimise their business processes and deliver continually exceptional customer experiences.

Arriving at this outcome requires a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, aspirations and goals a business has. These insights enable a solutions provider to construct a 360-degree plan that addresses every aspect of a business to drive the operation towards sustainable success.

This methodology is encapsulated in the Connect360 approach and brought to life through our unique Business Enablement Services.

Before recommending any vendor solutions, our team of experts take the time to immerse themselves in your world and understand every facet of your operation.

Through business case development services, we help articulate the value proposition and benefits of business initiatives clearly and concisely. Whether investing in a new project or evaluating the ROI of an existing implementation, our expert team will collaborate with the customer to develop a compelling case that drives decision-making and secures buy-in from all stakeholders.

Our Business Enablement Services team conduct an extensive data-driven analysis, which they leverage to offer technology-agnostic consultancy driving application innovation, business process optimisation, and refining contact centre and CX strategies.

Collaborating closely with the customer, the team utilises these insights to craft tailored strategies that foster success and tangible outcomes. They establish and fortify a roadmap to unlock the business’s full potential now, while also strategising to capitalise on future opportunities by anticipating upcoming needs.

Application consultancy services help maximise the value of existing solutions and accelerate time to value for new implementations through customisation and optimisation.

And by streamlining processes, optimising workflows, and leveraging automation solutions, our Business Enablement Services help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Every aspect of the Connect360 Business Enablement Services empowers organisations to prioritise innovation and deliver exceptional customer experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive business growth, both now and in the future.

With Connect360, you gain access to a diverse array of specialised advisory, technical, and service expertise tailored to enhance your customer experience. We provide valuable insights to analyse, design, implement, and optimise your CX technologies. Our data-driven insights empower you to continually refine and elevate your customer interactions. Click here to learn more about Connect360.


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