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Creating choice in the contact centre

Customers want choice, and a seamless customer experience (CX). It wasn’t long ago that digital transformation in the contact centre meant adding new channels, as well as cross-training agents or dedicating teams to certain channels. But today, it’s not just about channels;
it’s about how these channels facilitate a connected “fluid” experience.

CX Trends 2023

To say that the previous three years have undergone a significant transformation would be an understatement. Commencing from the initial disruptive impact of the pandemic to the continuing economic unpredictability, enterprises globally have been compelled to substantially alter almost every aspect of their functions.

Cloud technology the key to delivering future-ready CX and EX

Customers want fast and effective digital communication experiences. Employees want to be successful problem-solvers and feel valued for their contributions. The challenge is deriving meaning and value from all your data across every source to reimagine experience orchestration and journey design.

Contact Centre Buyer’s Guide

Download the contact centre buyer’s guide to delve into a transformative world where the convergence of these capabilities enables elegant, simple, efficient, and agile contact centres.

5 trends shaping immersive CX

From chatbots that closely mimic real human beings to conversational experiences where customers can seamlessly transition from one channel to another without a loss of context, immersive CX boils down to one simple idea: people want to be seen and heard, and be treated as the highly valued customers they are, not as a transaction or a ticket.

Uncovering the Future of the Contact Centre: A Balance Between Technology and the Human Touch

New and evolving technology has been enabling UK contact centres to rapidly transform the ways they interact with customers. Compound this with evidence that customers are willing to adapt and try new channels in unprecedented ways, and it might seem that human-led contact centre support is becoming redundant.

Optimising contact centre procurement

When it comes to technology, seven years is effectively a whole generation. This paper draws on the experiences of experts to set out practical approaches to enable a more effective procurement process.

How Intelligent Virtual Agents are revolutionising contact centres across the globe.

Utilising virtual agents in contact centres isn’t exactly a novel concept, but trends towards newer and more intelligent systems have been improving the customer service landscape.

Future of the Contact Centre

Seen through the achievements of recent award winners and conference keynotes, it is clear just how rapidly UK contact centres are transforming.