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Customer engagement and automation.

The conversation around the future of customer engagement and experience has never been more crucial. With over 30 years of industry expertise, Connect leads the way in transforming contact centres by delivering seamless, frictionless, and connected experiences.

To orchestrate seamless connected customer experiences (CX), businesses must embark on a transformative, innovation-driven journey for their contact centres. This involves migrating existing on-premise solutions to the cloud, harnessing the latest technological advancements, and integrating core systems to unlock limitless possibilities.

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The cloud opportunity.

Migrating to the cloud is essential for delivering the frictionless customer experiences that modern consumers demand. With Connect’s value-driven approach, businesses can harness cutting-edge technologies like AI-enhanced engagement and automation. Our cloud contact centre solutions provide powerful data-driven insights that elevate customer experience, foster loyalty, and turn your satisfied customers into enthusiastic advocates.

Benefit from our extensive experience in executing global projects. We’ve honed a deep understanding of different cloud solutions, their strengths, and limitations. This positions us perfectly to guide your business through the complexities of cloud migration. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition, unlocking the full potential of your new systems.

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Unlocking connected experiences.

We believe in the power of integrating traditionally siloed Customer Service Management (CSM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) platforms into a unified customer engagement solution. This integration facilitates seamless, faster service and proactive support, while boosting operational efficiency through streamlined processes, centralised data, and automation.

By leveraging unified platforms, businesses not only empower better decision-making with comprehensive insights and advanced analytics but also increase employee productivity and offer scalable, cost-effective solutions. These enhancements result in heightened customer satisfaction, improved employee performance, and better business outcomes.

Connect specialises in creating context-aware contact centre operations that streamline customer journeys and engage customers through their preferred channels.

AI and automation.

Our integrated artificial intelligence (AI) services deliver personalised, immediate, and frictionless interactions that significantly enhance customer satisfaction while reducing service costs.

By combining intelligent technology with human expertise, we empower agents to provide proactive, predictive, and seamless engagements driving superior outcomes. Our next-generation WEM solutions focus on enhancing the agent experience, ensuring better management, improved performance, and access to the right resources at the right time.

Leveraging AI to interpret interaction data and correlate it with other customer events, we drive continuous improvements, delivering a truly connected and superior customer experience.

Data-driven insights.

In the digital era, data is key to personalised, efficient customer experiences. At Connect, we’re ready to lead that conversation. Our approach to data-driven insights empower strategic decisions, optimise performance, and drive continuous improvement. Our advanced analytics provide a 360-degree view of customer journeys, identifying pain points and streamlining processes. We leverage real-time data to enhance customer satisfaction and build loyalty. By integrating AI and machine learning, we transform data into predictive analytics, enabling proactive engagement and innovation.

These insights allow you to anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs, deliver exceptional service, and stay ahead of the competition. Turn your data into a strategic asset, driving superior customer experiences and business outcomes in today’s dynamic market landscape.



Success in today’s fast-paced business landscape requires adaptability, collaboration, innovation, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Connect360, our suite of integrated services, empowers your organisation to excel in an ever-evolving market.

Our Connect360 services deliver value at every step, ensuring impactful customer interactions. Our tailored customer experience solutions evolve with your business needs, addressing challenges, developing strategies, and optimising performance.

We are ready to lead the conversation with our extensive team of specialists in design, implementation, adoption, support and optimisation. Make Connect the partner of choice for transforming your contact centre operations.

Strong connections. Across industries. Across applications.

Connect have highly skilled experts who understand our business.

Working closely with our trusted partner, Connect, the cloud platform was live within six months. The cutover took about an hour and went smoothly with no impact to customers.

David Halliday, IS Product Manager – Northumbrian Water Limited
Connect has taken a basic contact centre that experienced poor performance and transformed it into a modern contact centre.

The results demonstrate the value that investing in contact centre modernisation could deliver and showed how these digital capabilities could support the company's overall digital ambitions and revolutionise CX.

Paul Acheson, Group Director Sales and Marketing – Brittany Ferries
iOCO preferred contact centre solutions partbner south africa 2024
We get great support from Connect.

Their team is very responsive, and we always get a quick turnaround on support requests since migrating to the new Genesys Cloud sytem.

Johan Bosch, Business Executive – iOCO Infrastructure Services
Our decision was rooted in a deep sense of trust in Connect’s ability to effectively execute and align with our strategic objectives.

By leveraging their expertise and commitment, we remained confident in achieving our desired outcomes.

A leading multinational oil and gas company
The team’s commitment throughout the process was unwavering.

Connect team was always available and had representation in every training call and war room feedback session.

Dr Eugene Wessels, Group Chief Technology Officer – King Price Insurance

Our core technology partners.

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Salesforce Preferred Partner Global Specialist Reseller UK, South Africa, India,USA-V3
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