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The contact centre landscape is evolving fast. Cloud solutions are rewriting the rules. Organisations want the promised extra flexibility, but aren’t sure of the best approach. Our multi-vendor, multi-generation expertise will help you find the right path –incorporating or adapting on-premise solutions as appropriate.

The cloud opportunity.

Fewer overheads; improved business continuity; greater agility: the promise of cloud contact centres is hugely attractive, especially when agents have to work from home. But as many early adopters have found, it’s not easy to replicate all your current functionality in a cloud solution. We speak from first-hand experience of successful projects – so know the benefits and the limitations of different cloud solutions.

We’ve successfully implemented Amazon and Genesys Cloud Contact Centre Solutions, as well as Google Contact Centre AI.

Supporting on-premise solutions.

Got a contact centre that does (nearly) all you need? Then let’s keep it running smoothly. We have vast experience working with almost all leading on-premise contact centres, and often take on support when vendors stop. We’re also skilled with many of the essential related tools – from call recording and PCI to vital operational tools like CRM, workforce management and customer service management. We can help you select and integrate new solutions with an existing platform.

The right channel for the right interaction.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen at first hand the explosion of service channels – and helped dozens of clients evolve from a voice-only to a multichannel, or omnichannel, environment. We’ve supported the introduction of voice bots and transformed the effectiveness of IVR. Our guiding principle is always that you shouldn’t just add new channels or capabilities: they need to be part of a channel strategy, that improves the customer experience. We can help you develop that strategy, using the skills and expertise of the Connect team to optimise digital customer journeys.

Stabilise. Enhance. Transform.

Our three-step approach is designed to get your contact centre working exactly the way you need it. First, we stabilise: taking on the support of one or more on-premise solutions or tools and increasing resilience and performance. Then, we look to enhance, adding new elements or processes that increase your capability and improve the customer experience. When you’re ready, we can drive transformation, to reap the benefits of the cloud.

Our technology partners.

Strong connections. Across industries. Across applications.

Connect offered the best all-round solution, combining high-quality products and its own services.

Connect offered the best all-round solution, combining high-quality products and its own services. They demonstrated their ability to service multiple channels and deliver the CRM integration that we needed.

Matthew Jardine, Resource Planning Manager – MIB

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