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data driven insights for contact centre operations

Data-driven insights.

Transforming data and insights into meaningful business outcomes.

Customer experience (CX) remains a crucial differentiator for many organisations. As CX practices become more quantitative, analytical, and predictive, many CX teams lack the data and analytics capabilities to implement advanced insight strategies. By partnering with Connect, you can unlock the full potential of your contact centre data and shape the future of customer experience. We transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction. Leveraging advanced analytics and predictive models, we offer a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour, helping you stay competitive.


Customer insights.

Every business collects data, but the real advantage lies in how it is utilised. We provide a holistic view of the customer journey, helping you understand proactively meet customer needs. By identifying high-value customers and those at risk of churn, we facilitate impactful decisions that drive growth. We integrate fragmented data, transforming insights into strategies that enhance both customer and employee experiences. Engaging with customers and gathering feedback is only the first step. We delve deep into customer feedback to uncover trends, themes, and root causes of issues. Our solutions collect and analyse data from multiple touchpoints, offering a comprehensive understanding of your customers.

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Operational insights.

Achieving superior CX and seamless operations requires comprehensive visibility and continuous optimisation and improvement. We utilise advanced real-time contact centre analytics to drive efficiencies across your organisation, ensuring you effectively meet evolving business needs. By analysing customer interactions, you gain valuable insights into employee performance and engagement, facilitating continuous improvement and empowering you to maximise the potential of your workforce and investments.


Our analytics solutions encompass speech, data and customer journey analytics to provide a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions. By analysing daily interactions, we identify key issues affecting both customers and agents, enabling you to drive growth and refine customer journeys. We empower you to predict customer needs and optimise workforce efficiency, revealing crucial insights into customer behaviour and agent productivity. Additionally, our customer journey analytics leverage AI to analyse every touchpoint, uncovering inefficiencies and optimising business processes, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Speech analytics.

Analysing daily interactions identifies key issues affecting both customers and agents. The insights gathered help drive growth, refine customer journeys, and enhance your team’s ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Data analytics.

Envision a future where you understand and predict customer needs before they reach out. We make data-driven decision-making a reality. From forecasting customer pain points to optimising workforce efficiency, our comprehensive data analytics reveal crucial insights about customer behaviour and agent productivity, empowering you to allocate resources strategically.

Customer journey analytics.

Gain a holistic view of every touchpoint in a customer journey. We use AI to connect and analyse millions of data points, identifying inefficiencies and optimising business processes from the customer’s perspective. By uncovering cross-channel trends and root causes, we help enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Experience how Connect’s CX analytics can streamline costs and elevate customer experiences, making what was once hidden now visible. By partnering with your organisation’s data professionals, we ensure the integration of customer perceptions, interactions, and outcomes into predictive models that drive actionable insights and improved performance.

Strong connections. Across industries. Across applications.

Connect have highly skilled experts who understand our business.

Working closely with our trusted partner, Connect, the cloud platform was live within six months. The cutover took about an hour and went smoothly with no impact to customers.

David Halliday, IS Product Manager – Northumbrian Water Limited
Connect has taken a basic contact centre that experienced poor performance and transformed it into a modern contact centre.

The results demonstrate the value that investing in contact centre modernisation could deliver and showed how these digital capabilities could support the company's overall digital ambitions and revolutionise CX.

Paul Acheson, Group Director Sales and Marketing – Brittany Ferries
iOCO preferred contact centre solutions partbner south africa 2024
We get great support from Connect.

Their team is very responsive, and we always get a quick turnaround on support requests since migrating to the new Genesys Cloud sytem.

Johan Bosch, Business Executive – iOCO Infrastructure Services
Our decision was rooted in a deep sense of trust in Connect’s ability to effectively execute and align with our strategic objectives.

By leveraging their expertise and commitment, we remained confident in achieving our desired outcomes.

A leading multinational oil and gas company
The team’s commitment throughout the process was unwavering.

Connect team was always available and had representation in every training call and war room feedback session.

Dr Eugene Wessels, Group Chief Technology Officer – King Price Insurance

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