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A secure private network, combining the latest fixed and mobile access technologies to provide cost-effective connectivity, plus centralised Quality of Service (QoS) so you can prioritise business-critical applications and traffic. Highly scalable, easily flexed and proven to be cost-effective.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a networking technology that has become integral to the infrastructure of many businesses, offering a reliable and efficient solution for connecting geographically dispersed locations.

Connect’s global network services.

Connect operates a high-speed network with Global reach both directly and indirectly with over 500 service provider relationships globally connecting your business with the right technology, SLA backed service and agility to shape our service to fit your need.

MPLS for business.

Reliability and Performance:
MPLS networks are known for their reliability and consistent performance. The use of labels and predetermined paths enhances the predictability of data transfer, reducing latency and packet loss.

Network Security:
MPLS inherently provides a level of security by isolating traffic between different customers on the same network. Additionally, MPLS networks often include built-in encryption mechanisms to secure data during transit.

MPLS networks are highly scalable, making them suitable for businesses with growing connectivity needs. New locations or branches can be easily integrated into the MPLS network without significant reconfiguration.

Quality of Service (QoS) Support:
MPLS allows businesses to prioritise traffic based on specific requirements. This is crucial for ensuring optimal performance for critical applications, such as real-time video conferencing or voice-over-IP (VoIP).

Global Connectivity:
MPLS is well-suited for businesses with a global presence. Service providers offer MPLS services that can connect offices and branches across different regions, providing a seamless and reliable network experience.

Managing MPLS networks can be complex, especially for businesses without dedicated IT resources. Configuration and maintenance may require specialised expertise.

Internet Traffic Handling:
MPLS is not typically used for handling internet-bound traffic directly. Many businesses opt for a combination of MPLS and other technologies, such as SD-WAN, to efficiently handle both private and internet-bound traffic.

MPLS has proven to be a robust and reliable solution for businesses requiring secure and efficient connectivity between their various locations. While it comes with considerations such as cost and complexity, the benefits of reliability, performance, and scalability make MPLS a preferred choice for many organisations looking to build a resilient and high-performance business network.

With Connect , you don’t just get basic connectivity; you can also benefit from our expertise in network management and security, ensuring a consistent and straightforward user experience.


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