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Network Services.

All the high-quality global connectivity your business needs, from a single provider.

Get the connectivity you need in the UK and globally with Connect’s network. It’s exclusively for professional use and we manage it end-to-end in over 100 countries. That means you can be sure of quality, performance and compliance, wherever your organisation is operating.

As your business evolves, so do your networking needs. With Connect, it’s easy to flex. Because we put in place dedicated connections to your premises, when you want to add cloud connectivity or change from MPLS to an SD-WAN, we can act fast and cost-effectively.

Internet services.

High performance dedicated internet access at speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps to support collaboration and accessing cloud-based applications. With Connect’s business-grade network, you’ll never have to share your connection, or compete with consumer traffic.


A secure private network, combining the latest fixed and mobile access technologies to provide cost-effective connectivity, plus centralised Quality of Service (QoS) so you can prioritise business-critical applications and traffic. Highly scalable, easily flexed and proven to be cost-effective.


A high-performance solution for enterprise applications and cloud platforms. Our innovative Session Smart SD-WAN solution weaves routing and network security together into one platform: it goes beyond application-aware routing to become session-aware, enhancing the user experience and simplifying management.

Hybrid SD-WAN.

Hybrid SD-WAN is combination of traditional MPLS and Direct-to-Internet connectivity, to maximise available bandwidth and resilience while minimising latency. The cost-effective solution reduces reliance on any single WAN technology – making it the easiest way to ensure continuity of service.

Global SIP.

The easy way to ensure reliable and high-quality voice, video and collaboration services worldwide. Our global SIP service provides full PSTN Replacement voice, over SIP, in 38 countries, plus outbound SIP in 120 more. It’s all wrapped up in a single contract, that meets national and international regulation, plus the flexibility to provide country-by-country or global billing to fit your requirements.

Intelligent SIP (ISIP).

Get the security, control and network
performance you need, without investing in hardware, with Connect’s Intelligent SIP (ISIP) solution. It essentially offers Session Border Control – one of the primary ways networks control traffic flow – as a service, to assure security and improve performance.

Cloud connectivity.

Fast, secure connectivity to leading public cloud, IaaS and SaaS providers. Connect’s pre-configured On Ramps make it a simple, seamless process, whether you want a single cloud or multicloud link. No need to install, manage, or maintain any hardware: it’s all virtual, saving you time, resource and cost.

Cyber security.

Get our expert view on your organisation’s current cybersecurity provision – and where any vulnerabilities lies. We can provide a range of assessments, including penetration testing, IT risk assessment and cyber incident response, so you can make more informed decisions about how security strategies can be implemented into day-to-day operations. We offer one-off assessments and regular reviews.

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The connectivity you need
(not just what you’re given)

Our journey started in 2012 first with the UK but with global ambition. Today, Connect has built a network that delivers a suite of services, repeated in region, covering 85% of the globe. With over 40 carriers directly connecting to our network we have performance metrics, control and visibility of the service we deliver to you in any location. As technology has evolved our network has kept pace, connecting customers with Internet, MPLS, point to point, Intelligent SIP and SD-WAN technology all delivered, monitored and maintained by our highly experienced people wherever you need to connect.

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The CONNECT network: quality, flexibility, reliability.

We built our own network because we wanted our customers to have total trust and confidence  in the network they rely on to operate their businesses every day. We maintain it, monitor it and deal with any issues that may arise with a customer focused ethos unrivalled in the market. All your sites can connect on an SD-WAN under a single Service Level Agreement, with control over pricing, security and performance. Or you can transform remote and dispersed working with our landmark SASE solution, combining zero trust access with microsegmentation for better performance and control.

Our network now reaches over 100 countries. If it doesn’t cover your location yet, we’ll extend it.

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Underpinning your operations.

Of course, it’s not just about the connectivity: it’s about what that offers your organisation. Because our network is built from the ground up to support high quality voice and video, our global SIP provides a complete telephony service across your entire estate. For organisations that are operating a global voice platform, we offer full PSTN equivalent voice in 40 countries. Focused on security for cloud solutions? Discover our pioneering Intelligent SIP (ISIP) solution, offering Session Border Control as a service. Alternatively, if your priority is simply to standardise performance and networking technology across UK sites, our network can provide the quality you need.

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Stabilise. Enhance. Transform.

Most of our network services contracts start with a need to improve performance. That’s our stabilise phase, taking appropriate steps to give you the connectivity your organisation needs. At this point, we’re also thinking of opportunities to enhance it: better security, greater control, smarter use. And when you’re ready, we can help you transform not just your network, but your operations, with direct, private connectivity to Cloud Service Providers.

countries where we provide global VOIP


countries where we offer PSTN equivalent voice


monitoring and support


cloud service providers connected with Cloud Exchange

Take a look at our exceptional global network coverage.

Tier 1 carriers, top technology vendors.

As well as partnering with tier 1 carriers and colocation providers, we work with a wide range of network technology providers to build the best possible infrastructure for our clients.
You’ll find components from the likes of Cisco, Juniper and Meraki.

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Strong connections. Across industries. Across applications.

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We liked the creative way Connect approached the brief.

We couldn’t afford to compromise with an ITC infrastructure that’s not fit for purpose or fit for the future, so we needed to work with a provider who was on our wavelength and could help us deliver our vision. We liked the creative way Connect approached the brief, we were reassured by the extent of their capabilities and we were pleased with the competitiveness of their costs.

Emma Peace, Head of IT – Stericycle

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