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Our leadership.

With a wealth of experience across the communications industry, Connect’s leadership team shape our strategy and operations, as well as engaging with clients on projects.

They set the tone for the whole business, embodying our values and behaviours, and remain committed to ensuring our independence from vendors – something that sets Connect apart from the competition.

Meet our ExCo.

Connect’s ExCo team embodies our values and behaviours by prioritising people and fostering a culture of collaboration from the top down. The approachable team always have their doors open to the people of Connect to encourage an honest culture. The team believe strongly in developing our people because we are a people-powered business – our people create the successes we have achieved and will still achieve.

Adam Young_CEO_Chief Executive Offer at at Connect_UK, AI, cloud contact centre solutions software vendor specialists in London,UK.

Adam Young.

Adam assumed the role of Group CEO at Connect in January 2021. His diligently acquired 30+ years of leadership within the telecommunications industry has resulted in invaluable hands-on experience in sales, finance, customer success, and project delivery. He previously spent two decades immersed in the world of professional sports. Drawing from this background, he passionately fosters a culture of teamwork within Connect.

His multifaceted career has enabled him to navigate the communications industry with strategic acumen and a client-centric focus. Collaborating with clients, he empowers organisations to harness technology to attain their growth objectives.

Adam’s vision is to position Connect as a trusted, long-term advisor for customers seeking strategic guidance in the realm of communications.

Martin Cross_CSO_Chief Strategy Officer at Connect_UK, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in London,UK.

Martin Cross.

Martin has been with Connect since 2003 serving in several positions including Chief Technology Officer and, most recently, Chief Strategy Officer. In these roles, he has displayed enthusiasm for technology, innovation, proposition development and M&A. He is responsible for developing Connect’s growth strategy, based on his impressive knowledge of the technology landscape and his ability to prioritise the customer’s requirements above all else.

Strategic foresight is his forte. His strategic mindset enables him to anticipate industry trends and position Connect and our customers for long-term success in a rapidly evolving marketplace. A ‘big picture man’, Martin understands the value of embracing innovation and emerging technologies. Driven by a commitment to innovation he is paving the way for Connect’s success.

Peter Francis_Connect Group CFO_Chief Financial Officer at at Connect_UK, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in London,UK.

Peter Francis.

Since 2017, Peter has served as Connect’s Group CFO, bringing over three decades of financial leadership experience to the organisation. In addition to overseeing the financial direction of Connect, Peter brings a wealth of commercial front-office experience and expertise in M&A.

He is known for his analytical mindset and is a firm believer that understanding and prioritising the needs of customers are essential for sustained success in the industry. He continuously refines his strategies to ensure they align with evolving market dynamics and customer expectations. This commitment to agility and responsiveness enables him to stay ahead of the curve.

As Connect’s CFO, Peter leverages his analytical skills to ensure that financial decisions align with the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Steven Fricker_CRO_Chief Revenue Officer_at Connect_UK, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in London,UK

Steven Fricker.

Steven serves as Connect’s Chief Revenue Officer, where his primary focus is on driving new business strategy and ensuring sales success. With over 15 years of experience leading IT sales, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge.

However, what truly sets Steven apart is his philosophy around creating excellent experiences for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and partners. He firmly believes that people are the future of Connect and that the key to success lies in providing them with exceptional experiences at every touchpoint.

As a leader, Steven is a personable and passionate mentor. His sales ethos is centred around establishing long-term customer relationships and he goes above and beyond to understand customer requirements thoroughly.

Ben Ramsdale_Group COO_Chief Commercial Officer at Connect_UK, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in London,UK.

Ben Ramsdale.

Ben became Connect’s Group Chief Commercial Officer in 2023, establishing Connect’s commercial department having previously built and cultivated Connect’s legal department. In his current capacity, Ben oversees the legal, compliance, commercial, portfolio and supply chain management teams.

Ben nurtures a culture centred on people within the Commercial Department. He is passionate about the philosophy that exceptional customer service is everyone’s responsibility and drives that same message through to his team, enabling them to collectively provide a competitive advantage to Connect. By empowering the success of those he leads, he has fostered a high-performing culture and a team unified behind Connect’s global goals.

Bruce Arnold_CEO at Connect SA, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in Connect South Africa_ex Pivotal Data

Bruce Arnold.

Bruce has served as the CEO of Connect South Africa since 2022, overseeing the profit and loss operations of the South African business. A qualified chartered accountant and a career spanning over 25 years in business management and financial strategy, Bruce is known for his results-oriented mindset and driving tangible outcomes.

His management style is characterised by a passion for formulating and executing strategic visions that inspire and motivate his team. Through his leadership, Bruce endeavours to position Connect South Africa as a market leader, setting new standards of excellence in the industry. In line with Connect’s global strategy, Bruce’s goal-orientated nature drives solutions to maximise the value Connect SA provides.

Damian Copeland_Group COO, Chief Operations Officer at Connect_UK, AI Contact centre solution software vendor specialists in London,UK.

Damian Copeland.

Damian, the Group Chief Operations Officer of Connect, is a seasoned professional with a rich career journey.

His vision centres on prioritising customer and employee satisfaction, driving continuous improvement and optimisation. As a leader, he champions fairness, openness, and continuous learning, fostering collaboration.

Damian’s remarkable achievements include completing an MSc and a PhD while working full-time, focusing on designing inclusive web functionality and interactive systems for blind users. His dedication to education extended to teaching Interaction Design for the Open University, reflecting his commitment to nurturing the next generation of user experience designers. With a passion for enhancing user experience, Damian exemplifies the leadership, innovation, and dedication Connect is known for.

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