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Join Connect and Zendesk for brunch to discuss the latest in customer experiences for the sports betting and gaming industry.

Join fellow support and CX leaders to learn about the latest in gaming customer experiences, share best practices for areas like keeping players in the game, and build a community of other like-minded gaming experts. 

Venue: 180 Studios, 180 The Strand, London, WC2R 1EA
Date: 20 June 2024
Time: 11h00 – 13h00

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Key takeaways.

Share expert insights

Expand your expertise by engaging in an interactive discussion and focused session where we delve into the forefront of customer experiences within the sports betting and gaming sector.

Examine real-world gaming challenges

Discuss the unique CX hurdles in the gaming industry, whether it’s tackling live chat complexities or supporting diverse player needs.

Become a CX champion

Elevate your game and uncover industry-leading best practices to enhance CX performance.

We understand the challenges of the regulated sports betting and gaming industry.

This is how Connect can level up your CX to give you a competitive edge:

  • Integrate channels for memorable CX: Seamlessly connect with your customers across all channels, ensuring a unified and exceptional experience, no matter how they reach out.
  • Empower self-service with conversational AI: Harness the power of AI-driven self-service solutions to increase capacity and speed during peak times, providing quick resolutions to customer queries.
  • Personalised interactions for faster resolutions: Empower your agents with full access to customer history, enabling them to personalise interactions and solve queries more efficiently.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Leverage customer data to make informed decisions, minimise risk, and address problem gambling concerns proactively.
  • Leverage speech analytics to identify vulnerable customers and tackle problem gambling: Analysing customer conversations in real-time offers insights to recognise signs of a problem early on. Configurable alerts and guidance for agents ensure the best steps are taken, with a built-in audit trail to address regulatory concerns.