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Voice, Bots and AI.

Voice bots and virtual assistants

Whether to add capacity, increase customer choice or reduce costs, more and more organisations are deploying some form of conversational AI in their contact centres. At Connect, we’re ready to lead that conversation. With a large team of specialists in design, implementation and optimisation of voice bots and virtual assistants, we can help you select the right technology, and design and deploy the right solution for your needs.

Talking your language.

For a successful voice bot, the quality of the conversation is crucial. The solution must be able to understand a wide range of terminology around your business and the interactions customers will want to complete. That means every tool has to be customised to the way your business talks and the way your customers talk to you. In designing and implementing solutions, we combine historical and real-time customer data with semantic understanding and machine learning, to help you deliver an engaging and secure conversational experience. 

Making smarter decisions.

The virtual assistant marketplace is growing at a phenomenal rate, with established contact centre providers competing with specialists in AI, and different vertical markets. With so much choice, it can be hard to cut through the noise and elevated promises. Our experts can help. We understand the emerging technologies but also the realities of operating a busy contact centre – and already support AI products from many major vendors. We’ll help you confirm your requirements, and then recommend the right solution for you.

More value from IVR.

While some businesses want the latest conversational AI, others simply want to enhance their existing IVR platform so it processes more calls effectively – better for customers, better for the business. Connect has the design expertise, a proven approach and roadmap to eradicate issues like low containment rates and high levels of cross-transfers, while stabilising and optimising existing automated voice services. We won’t start from scratch if we don’t need to; we’ll protect and enhance your existing investment.

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