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Cloud UX.

Digital experience monitoring

More capacity, more flexibility: in theory, moving to the cloud should enhance the user experience. But with so much beyond your immediate control, how do you know what the UX really is?

A new model for monitoring.

With Teams collaboration, video conferencing, UCaaS and CCaaS now pivotal to your organisation’s productivity, it’s essential that those solutions are operating to an optimal level. IT teams need a way to monitor colleagues’ digital experience across all of these systems – even where teams are working remotely. Traditional tools, that allow you to monitor individual systems or services, no longer provide the full picture.

Understanding the digital experience.

As experts in providing managed services, we know first-hand the challenges of monitoring multiple applications with multiple tools. We have therefore worked hard to develop flexible dashboards that give our customer support specialists the insight they need to ensure the digital experience remains of the quality our clients need. We’ve even deployed monitoring solutions for cloud applications that don’t offer as standard the visibility many organisations have come to expect.

The insight you need, the way you need it.

We can now offer our expertise to create similar dashboard and portals for IT teams facing the same challenge. Our solutions combine system monitoring, performance monitoring, cost monitoring, fraud monitoring and synthetic traffic monitoring, presenting the information you need in a simple and logical way. That allows you to take proactive steps to keep the user experience of the quality your colleagues expect and your organisation requires.

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