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It’s not just about having the user tools. A work-anywhere world needs the right network, security and management capability.

The world has changed; now your network needs to.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned organisations inside-out. Previously, the majority of colleagues worked in the office, with just a small number working outside. Now, most are at home – and it’s clear that, even as lockdowns lift, many want to stay that way. From a technology perspective, that means we’re playing catch-up. People are dispersed, applications are in the cloud, yet the network and security is still tied to sites.

The reality of a site-based network model.

With those sites empty, a technology like MPLS, which has previously served organisations well, becomes expensive, inflexible and inappropriate. Older SD-WAN technologies, while an improvement over MPLS, are often still site-based and so struggle in the post-COVID world. Traditional site-based firewalls and remote access VPNs are creating bottlenecks and disrupting the employee experience and productivity.

A new model for UC.

We’re now using collaboration tools in a new way. Video conferencing and unified communications have collided and MS Teams take-up has exploded. However, the technology providers have yet to fully catch up with the needs of the multi-national corporation. Native calling plans cover too few countries and are too expensive. And while modern collaboration tools work well for previously office-based knowledge workers, they are almost useless in most factories and warehouses.


At Connect, we’ve been exploring practical alternatives for this new way of working. Our solution is to introduce Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): a new approach that combines SD-WAN, network security and international SIP services into a single unified, scalable, distributed cloud architecture. It’s a way of ensuring organisations have the capacity and control they need for an increasingly mixed working model.

Solutions for the hybrid workplace.

With the right architecture and security in place, it then becomes easier to make smart choices to support hybrid working. Our experts can help you select the right applications and tools to enable seamless working, whether at home or in the office, and support effective collaboration between dispersed teams.

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