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Getting started with natural language.

Practical guidance for organisations looking to take their first steps with conversational AI

If you’re not already exploring how to use intelligent virtual assistants in your contact centre, you soon will be. The case for enabling customers to complete interactions without speaking to an agent keeps growing. Aside from the opportunities for cost savings, automation meets the expectations of customers who are accustomed to asking Alexa and speaking to Siri for information. What’s more, it can help reduce wait times and increase capacity, while allowing human agents to focus on the more challenging and interesting interactions. That in turn can help with staff retention.

It’s no surprise then that surveys repeatedly find that investing in tools that improve self-service – such as AI and chatbots – is a top priority for customer experience (CX) leaders in all fields. Solutions need to be capable of understanding customer intent and then either enabling them to complete the interaction via the bot or rerouting them promptly and appropriately to a different channel.

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