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Why CX tech convergence means the most important choice is your integration partner.

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Episode 2.

For many organisations, moving to the cloud felt like a generational shift. But the reality is that the real change is still to come. Instead of large-scale tech procurement and long-term implementations, we’re now in a time when vendors are continuously tweaking solutions, to add capabilities. Old barriers between contact centre solutions, CRM and ITSM are blurring. 

The challenge for businesses is twofold: first to work out which of these many solutions can add real value to their operations, and then to roll them out, at speed.

In this podcast, Connect’s VP of Sales and Marketing Steven Fricker and customer engagement expert Martin Hill-Wilson of Brainfood discuss how the cloud has changed tech procurement and strategy. They look at the decisions businesses need to make to capitalise on the opportunities of this more flexible landscape, such as:

  • how to keep pace with the constant roll-out of new features 
  • picking the right vendors when their solutions look increasingly similar
  • developing the structure and culture to enable incremental change
  • the changing role for partners – from big-bang implementation projects to ongoing agile delivery

The wide-ranging discussion, lasting just over 30 minutes, highlights essential topics businesses should consider to make the most of their cloud deployments.

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