Connect360 ready to set the new standard in (CX) customer experience.

Connect360 ready to set the new standard in CX.

The race for the future of customer experience (CX) is on and Connect is leading the pack with the launch of its Connect360 suite of integrated business services, setting the standard in CX innovation.

As a global leader in technology-enabled CX, Connect leverages the deep domain expertise and experience of its dedicated teams of industry experts to drive frictionless CX in today’s fast-paced business landscape, where customers demand precision from every interaction, and success hinges on adaptability, collaboration, innovation and a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.

Connect360 is our secret weapon for crafting best-in-class customer experiences. This comprehensive approach brings together our team’s expertise to manage every aspect of a client’s journey. This holistic approach ensures businesses can deliver exceptional customer engagement and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Laura Temple, Connect Service Portfolio Manager.

Connect360 empowers companies to achieve strategic business goals through a seamless and intuitive customer experience (CX) journey. This comprehensive service, built on Connect’s customer-centric, service-driven, and vendor-neutral approach, offers a full spectrum of expertise. From specialist advisory to ongoing optimisation services, Connect360 ensures every touchpoint is designed to drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

“Our team of experts utilise data-driven insights to analyse, recommend, design, build, and manage customised solutions that address your challenges and optimise performance. With ongoing monitoring and support services, we drive continuous improvement, evolving with your business needs to consistently deliver impact and sustained value. Our focus – your success” continues Temple.

The Connect360 suite includes Business Enablement, Project, Learning and Adoption, Managed and Optimisation services.

“From business enablement to project management, learning and adoption, managed services, and optimisation, each component works in harmony to elevate your CX journey,” elaborates Temple.

Rather than approach a business with a predetermined technology solution, our Connect360 business enablement services team conduct an in-depth analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business. This foundational insight allows us to chart a tailored path to success for our clients.

We don’t just listen, we delve deep. Our business analysts and consultants become trusted advisors by initiating a collaborative process to understand your specific needs and challenges. We address the very issues keeping executives up at night, ensuring our solutions are tailored to tackle your most pressing concerns.

“The team uses this information to develop the foundational understanding used to design solutions and define the toolset that will deliver measurable and meaningful business impact.”

Connect’s comprehensive project services offering encompasses design, engineering support and project management to tailor solutions that meet specific business needs.

“Our accredited programme and project managers, scrum masters, technical consultants and engineers leverage the best delivery methodology to de-risk and accelerate the delivery, integration, migration and testing of the proposed CX solution and achieve the desired outcome,” explains Temple.

These methodologies include waterfall-based projects with fixed scope, fixed-cost outcomes, sprint-based agile services for flexible and fast results, or a resource–based time-and-materials consumption model for ad-hoc projects.

Connect360 Learning and Adoption services deploy a comprehensive and engaging suite of advisory, learning, and development services to accelerate user adoption, reducing the time to value from your technology investment.

“Our education services transcend basic training. Our skilled and knowledgeable trainers develop comprehensive in-depth learning programmes that entrench usage and empower users with the foundational, strategic and tactical skills to extract the full value of the solution to maximise business value,” elaborates Temple.

“Our long term strategic learning programmes are crucial to a business because they ensure employees continuously develop skills and knowledge that align with and support the company’s long-term objectives, driving sustained growth and adaptability .”

Our Connect360 Managed Services offerings are meticulously designed to help keep a customer’s technology-enabled operation running efficiently, with expertise available to rapidly respond and adapt to changes, address issues, and continually improve.

“Our support and managed services let our clients focus on their business, delivering peace of mind as they can rest assured that our experts have their best interests at heart.”

Through Connect360 Optimisation services, we harness the power of data-driven insights and analysis to uncover opportunities for enhancing technology and streamlining processes. By pinpointing areas for improvement, mitigating risks, and fortifying against vulnerabilities, we ensure maximum value generation for our clients. Through a commitment to continuous enhancements and innovative strategies, we consistently elevate performance and drive excellence..

“The markets in which our clients operate are dynamic and constantly changing, which is why they need solutions that can keep them at the front of the pack,” states Temple.

“Our portfolio of Optimisation services support our client’s business with a range of proactive services, including AI and automation, health checks, release/feature recommendations, vulnerability assessments, or architecture reviews. Our teams continually look for opportunities to deliver more business value and maximise return on investment by ensuring their technology remains current, resilient and secure.”

All Connect360 services are available as modular offerings, allowing customers to consume them individually, or seamlessly as a complete suite to provide continuous improvement and a solution that evolves with the company’s changing CX and customer engagement needs. 

“Whether we deliver these services as individual modules or as a unified whole, we build collaborative long-term relationships with our customers, becoming their trusted advisor and partner,” continues Temple.

“Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional solutions. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support and strategic guidance to help them adapt and grow. As we continue to innovate and evolve, our focus remains on driving value, simplifying the business experience, and supporting our clients on their path to success.,” she concludes.

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