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Contact centre AI.

Leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance your customer experience

Rewriting the rules for the customer experience.

As so many businesses know to their cost, poor customer service can really damage a brand. While that’s always been true, today the usage of social media means the risks are magnified: a negative experience is quickly shared. That’s led to a change in customer service philosophy, with the focus shifting from minimising cost to maximising customer satisfaction – which in turn has a direct effect on the choice of technologies used to deliver the right experience.

From omni-channel to opti-channel.

In practical terms, that means not simply providing customers with a choice of channels to interact with the organisation – the “omni-channel” contact centre – but actively seeking to direct customers to the right channel at the right time to get the right outcome. We refer to this as an “opti-channel” (optimum-channel) approach, but it’s easier said than done.

Adaptive, personalised customer experience.

It requires you to not only offer customers multiple routes to interact with you, but also to apply customer intelligence to adapt the experience to that customer’s particular circumstances and stage in the journey. What are they trying to achieve? What channels do they prefer to use? This requires organisations to integrate their contact centre with CRM or CSM systems, logistics and booking tools – so that when customers engage with the contact centre, the organisation is responding in the most appropriate way.

Intelligent automation.

In more and more such interactions, customers are keen to self-serve or achieve their goal without having to queue to speak to an agent. Thanks to massive advances in natural language processing (NLP), AI and machine learning, organisations can now deploy Intelligent Virtual Agents to complete some transactions, or guide customers to the right channel or web page. Wait times are shorter and satisfaction high. From the organisational perspective, meanwhile, the cost of delivery is minimal.

Super-charging your agents.

For organisations that want to keep the main interaction on a human level, those same advances in NLP, AI and machine learning can also be used to support the agents. The tools can provide agents, during the interaction itself, with customer insights, customer journey information and next best action recommendations, to super-charge their performance.

Creating the next generation customer contact platform.

With a wealth of experience in deploying and managing cloud and on-premise contact centres, Connect can help you make the right decisions for your customers. We understand the core technologies – the Customer Interaction Management, Workforce Engagement and CRM/CSM platforms – and all the additional features and components required in producing a seamless end-to-end system.

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