How We Helped A UK Bank Division Move From Telephony To The Cloud

How Connect Helped a Large UK Bank Division Move from Traditional Telephony to the Cloud.

Conn3ct helped part of a large UK bank to implement a fully managed Cloud service while educating and empowering its team to ensure smooth adoption. Here’s how.

With the help of Connect, an Internet-branded bank successfully moved from a traditional telephony solution (Avaya on-premise kit) to the Cloud (Amazon Connect) for the first time in its history.

As with many large global organisations, its Contact Centre environment was complex, requiring a partner capable of not only introducing the technology but ensuring buy-in from internal stakeholders by educating and empowering the team.

Here’s how Conn3ct rose to the challenge.

Achieving New Technology Buy-in From End Users

The bank division needed to future-proof its Contact Centre by moving from traditional telephony to the Cloud. However, new technology paired with a lack of internal stakeholder buy-in can be a recipe for disaster for businesses if teams are not educated and empowered to use it correctly. Fortunately, we were able to work with the bank to overcome this challenge.

Due to the scale involved, the Internet-branded bank decided to implement Amazon Connect — part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) — managed by Conn3ct as its chosen solution.

While it’s typically simple to set up AWS in smaller organisations, in this instance, the financial division’s compliance, design process and educational needs were more complex — emphasising the importance of choosing the right partner. Moving from traditional telephony to the Cloud also meant that every business process had to be built from scratch.

Despite the scale and nature of the challenge, Conn3ct worked in partnership with the financial organisation to implement Amazon Connect and the business processes and service design that go alongside it to ensure the team felt confident and empowered to utilise the new technology.

Future-proofing the Organisation Through AWS

Conn3ct began by creating a six-month roadmap outlining how the division could future-proof its organisation by moving from traditional telephony to the Cloud through AWS. When creating this plan, we incorporated customer flows and re-engagement, with an emphasis on education to ensure best practices would be used once the solution was implemented.

As a result, the bank felt confident about its next steps and could visualise how Conn3ct would help it to achieve its goal.

“If anyone is able to safeguard innovation going forward, it’s AWS, which is why they’ve embraced it.”

Michael Cole, Business Solutions Consultant, Conn3ct

Conn3ct has developed bespoke applications for the division, including one that mirrors a crucial PCI compliance functionality in Amazon Connect, built from the ground up to meet security and compliance requirements.

We’ve also provided an intuitive web-based administration tool that will empower the Contact Center team to carry out and manage everyday tasks themselves. This solution is easy to adopt without any technical knowledge.

All went smoothly on go-live day and as agents started making themselves available on the platform, their peers stepped in to help when needed, demonstrating platform buy-in from the end users.

Although the division has a relatively small Contact Centre, the transformation has shown the wider financial group the potential of integrating Cloud-based solutions on a larger scale in the future, and how this fits into the company’s broader digital transformation strategy.

An Ongoing Partnership

At the time of implementation, the move from traditional telephony to the Amazon Connect platform was a first for a UK bank. From a sourcing partnership perspective this required Conn3ct to attain the highest level of security from the bank.

During its first operational day using Amazon Connect, the Internet-branded bank handled 778 customer calls (both inbound and outbound) throughout the day with no issues.

The team is delighted with how Amazon Connect is working so far; supervisors were visibly excited on launch day and particularly impressed by the platform’s reporting capabilities and intuitive interface, which will make it easier for the team to deliver calls and future services.

We continue to support the team in developing its knowledge and understanding of Cloud technology, as well as optimising its existing processes through education.

Once the project is complete, the bank will have a stronger understanding of Cloud technology and a future-proof solution in place that allows it to deliver a strong customer experience. We look forward to building on our partnership as the project progresses.