Why Paddy Power Betfair backed Amazon Connect | Webinar | Connect

Why Paddy Power Betfair backed Amazon Connect.

About the webinar.

More and more businesses are opting for a digital-first strategy when it comes to customer contact. But what role does that mean for voice communications? And how does that change the considerations for a contact centre platform?

At Paddy Power Betfair, the overwhelming majority of transactions are conducted online. But voice remains essential to its overall customer experience – used selectively to manage complex transactions and provide customer support at the time its needed most. Register today for the AWS Contact Centre Innovation day to listen to this session.

In this webinar, Dan Heap, Head of Automation at Paddy Power Betfair, explains how voice is used to support the company’s opti-channel approach. In conversation with Connect’s Jack Godfrey, Dan also discusses why the Amazon Connect contact centre portfolio is the perfect fit for this approach. 

  • Find out how automation enables Paddy Power Betfair to bring voice into customer conversations at the right time.
  • Hear why the usage-based pricing model makes sense for a business where call volumes fluctuate enormously around peak events.
  • Learn about how integration with Amazon’s real-time analytics tool Contact Lens is helping Paddy Power Betfair identify signs of problem gambling – and take responsible action faster.
  • Discover why Paddy Power Betfair trusted Connect to bring this complex solution set together, at speed.

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