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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

Service Cloud Voice is a powerful feature within Salesforce that seamlessly integrates telephony (phone support) and digital conversations (such as chat, email, and social media) into a single unified platform.

About Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Unified Platform: Service Cloud Voice brings together phone support and digital channels, allowing agents to manage customer interactions in one centralised console. This console, known as the Service Console, provides a 360-degree view of each customer and their requests. Whether it’s a phone call or a chat message, agents can handle it all from this virtual help desk.
  2. Real-Time Integration: With Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, telephony and digital interactions are synchronised in real time. Agents can access relevant customer information, case history, and CRM data while assisting customers over the phone or through other channels.
  3. Benefits:
  • Efficiency: Agents can seamlessly switch between phone calls and digital channels without switching tools.
  • Intelligence: The contact centre becomes smarter by combining voice data with other customer data.
  • Unified Experience: Customers receive consistent service across different communication channels.
  • Speed: Faster response times due to real-time integration.
  1. Contact Centre of the Future: Service Cloud Voice represents the future of contact centres—intelligent, unified, and efficient.

Connect attain consulting Salesforce partner status.


As a specialist solution provider in the contact centre and CX arena, Connect has been delivering solutions integrating Salesforce with contact centre suites for a number of years.

Connect has built up its expertise and resources to deliver increasingly complex solutions for customer workloads, including making use of automation, AI and application integration – underlining our expertise with the Service Cloud Voice, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Five9 and Genesys.

The benefits to our clients.

Drawing on our expertise as an accredited Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Genesys and Five9 partner in the contact centre world, we can help you add best of breed functionality to the heart of your digital CX and help you provide the best experience to your customers. Our solution and experience provide a simple way for customers on Salesforce to integrate and access telephony capability securely and reliably.

Our solution provides customers with immediate benefits such as:

  • Intelligent call routing providing more personal journeys
  • Maximising customer satisfaction
  • Reducing customer handling times
  • Automating processes e.g. case creation
  • Dashboards within your Salesforce screens providing contact centre metrics
  • Next best action based on sentiment analysis and transcriptions
  • Automated ID&V
  • Screen pop of customer details and interaction history
  • Automatic agent evaluation
  • Contact call summary using generative AI 

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