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Genesys: State Of Customer Experience.

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Times have changed. In 2017, digitalization was at a nascent stage with  just one in six consumers using messaging or bots for service interactions. The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point. Digital channels are now mainstream; and many CX organizations have struggled with the growth in transaction volume and complexity. This research finds we’re entering a new phase.

The State of Customer Experience is an ongoing series of consumer and  business research related to customer experience (CX). This is the second  global survey, executed in April and May 2021 on behalf of Genesys by  an independent research firm. It includes insights from 2,629 consumers  and 690 CX executives across multiple industries drawn from Asia-Pacific,  Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and North America. 

The research was first conducted in 2017 and this report compares trends  over time to understand how consumers prefer to interact with a business and what they value in a customer experience. It explores trends in the CX  function, including key strategic priorities and the leading CX challenges  executives are facing today.

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