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The opti-channel era is dawning

Delivering a true omnichannel customer experience is no longer a market differentiator in the highly competitive contact centre and customer service sector because modern consumers already expect a seamless customer experience and the convenience of communicating with agents via their preferred channel as the minimum acceptable standard.

CX Trends 2023

To say that the previous three years have undergone a significant transformation would be an understatement. Commencing from the initial disruptive impact of the pandemic to the continuing economic unpredictability, enterprises globally have been compelled to substantially alter almost every aspect of their functions.

Contact Centre Buyer’s Guide

Download the contact centre buyer’s guide to delve into a transformative world where the convergence of these capabilities enables elegant, simple, efficient, and agile contact centres.

5 trends shaping immersive CX

From chatbots that closely mimic real human beings to conversational experiences where customers can seamlessly transition from one channel to another without a loss of context, immersive CX boils down to one simple idea: people want to be seen and heard, and be treated as the highly valued customers they are, not as a transaction or a ticket.

Getting started with natural language

If you’re not already exploring how to use intelligent virtual assistants in your contact centre, you soon will be. The case for enabling customers to complete interactions without speaking to an agent keeps growing.

Genesys: State Of Customer Experience

Times have changed. Digital channels are now mainstream; and many CX organizations have struggled with the growth in transaction volume and complexity. This research finds we’re entering a new phase.

Genesys: Journey Mapping

Customers connect with your business via your website, self-service and mobile apps. And with each interaction, your job changes.
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How customer empathy delivers in the contact centre

Our expert panel share their insights and tips on customer empathy and how delivering it has tangible commercial benefits.

Transforming CX in utilities – personalisation at speed

As consumer behaviours shift and personalisation becomes expected, we look at how utility companies can transform the customer experience.