Category: Customer Experience.

How customer empathy delivers in the contact centre

Our expert panel share their insights and tips on customer empathy and how delivering it has tangible commercial benefits.

Transforming CX in utilities – personalisation at speed

As consumer behaviours shift and personalisation becomes expected, we look at how utility companies can transform the customer experience.

First Contact Resolution: Putting the emphasis back in the right place

Connect’s Martin Cross wonders whether many businesses have forgotten the “resolution” element.

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Call Centres in Financial Services are Making

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and businesses in the financial sector are taking notice.

Think optichannel, not omnichannel, for an effortless customer experience

Connect’s Group CTO Martin Cross makes the case for looking beyond “omnichannel” to improve the customer experience.

The Rise of the CRM in the Contact Centre Space

In today’s world, consumers increasingly demand a more personalised and seamless customer experience. As a result, the CRM’s role in the Contact Centre space is evolving rapidly. Here’s why the CRM is changing the Contact Centre as we know it.


How Connect Overcame Complex Transformation Challenges During COVID-19

At Connect, our expert team solves complex transformation challenges that the larger OEMs and SIs can’t. Discover some of the problems we’ve helped our customers overcome, and find out how we help our partners build best-fit solutions for their customers.

Maximising UC & Contact Centre Technology To Provide Business Contingency

When a disaster recovery plan is put into action for a business, it results in important decisions that need to be addressed to ensure business contingency and the continuation of serving your customers.

3 Voice Technology Use Cases to Inspire Your Digital Transformation

Countless companies rely on contact centres to service customer queries and generate sales revenue. The contact centre is an established institution but there is an ongoing change in the technology that underpins its operations. Businesses that fail to engage with contact centre transformation risk irritating their customers and provoking the ire of leaders that question […]