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The Rise of the CRM in the Contact Centre Space

In today’s world, consumers increasingly demand a more personalised and seamless customer experience. As a result, the CRM’s role in the Contact Centre space is evolving rapidly. Here’s why the CRM is changing the Contact Centre as we know it.


How Connect Overcame Complex Transformation Challenges During COVID-19

At Conn3ct, our expert team solves complex transformation challenges that the larger OEMs and SIs can’t. Discover some of the problems we’ve helped our customers overcome, and find out how we help our partners build best-fit solutions for their customers.

Maximising UC & Contact Centre Technology To Provide Business Contingency

When a disaster recovery plan is put into action for a business, it results in important decisions that need to be addressed to ensure business contingency and the continuation of serving your customers.

3 Voice Technology Use Cases to Inspire Your Digital Transformation

Countless companies rely on contact centres to service customer queries and generate sales revenue. The contact centre is an established institution but there is an ongoing change in the technology that underpins its operations. Businesses that fail to engage with contact centre transformation risk irritating their customers and provoking the ire of leaders that question […]

How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy That Actually Delivers

Customer experience is top of mind for companies large and small but nonetheless businesses still commonly fail to make the grade. No company can afford to drop the ball: a Microsoft survey found that 96% of respondents felt customer experience plays a role in their choice of brand.

Web Chat and Messaging in Customer Service

There is no question that digital channels and new technologies are rapidly transforming the customer service industry. Automation is making it easier than ever for agents to detect and address problems and, to a significant extent thanks to the proliferation of messaging apps, customers can contact you to solve their problems through multiple channels.

3 Lessons in Enhancing Customer Experience from a Leading UK Water Provider

We’re in the midst of the Age of the Customer, when it has never been easier for consumers to research their own options and compare prices.

4 Ways to Optimise Self-Service in a Contact Centre

There is a good reason why self-service is popular with Contact Centres; cost. The average salary for a Customer Services agent in the UK is estimated to be £17,164 (PayScale). As agents are the single most costly overhead of a Contact Centre, it makes the optimisation of your self-service capability all the more important.

6 Best Uses for Chatbots in a Contact Centre

The idea of using customer-facing chatbots can be intimidating. If you believe the negative press they are here to steal contact centre jobs. In reality, they should be seen for what they are: making your life easier.