Transforming a Oil & Gas Business Contact Centre Through Genesys

How Connect Transformed a Leading Oil and Gas Business’ Contact Centre Through Genesys and AWS.

When a leading oil and gas company needed support to roll out its telephony system globally and consolidate its multiple contact channels, we knew we were up to the challenge.

With operations in multiple countries, thousands of employees, and significant global revenue, the integrated oil and gas company needed a partner with expertise in delivering sophisticated Contact Centre solutions.

Since 2012, Connect has supported the company’s platform growth across different geographies, and from 2016 we have taken it on a Cloud journey, expanding its existing estate globally and helping it to deliver a winning customer experience. Here’s how:

Changing technology roadmap prompts need for expansion

The oil and gas company already had Genesys telephony in place that covered Europe and North America. However, it wanted to upgrade and expand this to become a global solution across Europe, North America, Australia, South America, Africa, and Asia. 

The technology roadmap was also changing, and the business wanted the flexibility to not only roll out the solution to further geographies but also support new channels.

The business also had a local HR solution in place that it wanted to transform and centralise to support users in 65 countries across eight territories.

From traditional data centres to the Cloud

In response to this challenge, Connect migrated the oil and gas company’s platform from traditional data centres into the Cloud using Genesys running on Amazon Web Services, which features email, voice, call recording, and workforce optimisation.

As the company handles more emails than voice calls, we also integrated further technologies and automation to its Siebel CRM to make the solution smarter; this included interpreting the context to route emails correctly and presenting email and voice call information to customer service representatives, streamlining the customer experience.

“The solution gives the business flexibility to roll out additional interaction channels (web chat, social, SMS) in future to a broader set of geographies.”

Saurabh Sehgal, Account Director, Connect

With the solution now live in Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand, our next focus is rolling out the solution to further geographies, such as Mexico and South Africa.

To improve efficiency and case management at scale, Connect also expanded the oil and gas company’s system to include HR and integrated the CX solution with their Salesforce CRM.

Platform consolidation leads to enhanced CX

The oil and gas company now has a single platform in place for all contact channels, supporting business units in eight territories with further room to scale as and when needed. This has resulted in greater consistency across the board, which couldn’t have been achieved using the localised solution alone.

Our solution has also increased efficiency from an interaction handling and case management perspective, due to enhanced integration between the customer experience (Genesys) and CRM platforms.

“The efficiencies the solution brought in meant the CSRs handling interactions could focus on more high-value activities and providing a better experience for customers.”

Saurabh Sehgal

Moving the oil and gas company’s Contact Centre to the Cloud through AWS and consolidating its IT infrastructure and applications has also enabled it to achieve operational and technology savings.

Our unique, consultative approach, customised solution, and the genuine partnership we’ve built with the company has enabled it to optimise its processes and streamline the customer experience on a global scale — at a time when the consistency of your service and the experience it delivers is second to none.

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