Aligning Payment Handling Process With CX Technology | Connect

Aligning the payment handling process with your CX technology strategy.

For any organisation planning to refresh their contact centre platform(s) and/or processes, payment handling processes and supporting technology is a crucial factor to consider. First, you have to ensure compliance – increasingly complex when agents are working from home. But at the same time, you to need to consider how the payment handling process fits within your customer experience and then your technology.

Do you think customers reading out their card details is safe? Do you want to use an IVR process to take payments? What agent involvement is needed to support the IVR process? Do you think pause and resume is viable? What PCI DSS controls would you rather irradiate?

As specialists in contact centre solutions, Connect can help you address these issues. Whether you’re looking to modernise the whole infrastructure, move to a cloud contact centre, or simply want to improve the payment phase of the customer journey, they’ll provide clear advice and practical tips.

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