Connect Communications Is Winner Of Most Notable Customer Win Award

Connect Communications is winner of most notable customer win” award.”

Connect Communications’ skill in designing an outstanding UC solution for a customer was recognised when Connect was selected as the outright winner of their PartnerConnect Award for the most notable customer win. Connect was selected out of all of Avaya’s UK partners to win this award, which was presented to Director Arman Khan during a ceremony at Chelsea Football Club.

This particular award is presented by Avaya to the partner that has completed the most exemplary project involving a unique customer solution, which also forms an exceptional commercial achievement. It is awarded to a partner whose project demonstrates leadership in the adaption of Avaya’s key solution sets, combined with an innovative approach to selling and developing technology.

Connect Communications’ winning project was a Europe-wide solution based upon Avaya’s latest UC platform, for a global provider of business news and data.

Connect was selected as the winner, because the project showed an innovative approach to selling the solution, which combined the best aspects of Avaya’s UC portfolio, including the ACE and Aura architectures, with the best aspects of Microsoft’s solution. The award also recognised Connect’s skill and professionalism and the way they worked jointly with Avaya’s Global Account Team.

Arman Khan received the award from UK Managing Director Andrew Shepperd and Global Vice President Joel Hackney of Avaya.

Commenting for Connect Communications, Director Arman Khan said: “To be chosen to win this award is a great recognition of our technical UC capability combined with our ability to listen to a customer’s needs and create an innovative solution that ticks all the boxes, in terms of the customer’s IT strategy and their business needs.”