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Contact Centre Buyer’s Guide

Download the contact centre buyer’s guide to delve into a transformative world where the convergence of these capabilities enables elegant, simple, efficient, and agile contact centres.

5 trends shaping immersive CX

From chatbots that closely mimic real human beings to conversational experiences where customers can seamlessly transition from one channel to another without a loss of context, immersive CX boils down to one simple idea: people want to be seen and heard, and be treated as the highly valued customers they are, not as a transaction or a ticket.

How To Update Your Communications Tech For A Remote Working World

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned organisations inside out. Instead of traditional in-house working practices, large numbers of staff continue to work remotely, at least part of the time.\

Seeking to solve the puzzle of security for the hybrid working model?

Lessons Learned From The COVID Crisis So Far

A Business Continuity Plan requires a business to anticipate any potential scenarios that may disrupt their operations and provide contingency plans to continue operations, as smoothly as possible, should any of those scenarios arise. A Business Continuity Plan requires a business to anticipate any potential scenarios that may disrupt their operations and provide contingency plans […]

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How Connect Overcame Complex Transformation Challenges During COVID-19

At Connect, our expert team solves complex transformation challenges that the larger OEMs and SIs can’t. Discover some of the problems we’ve helped our customers overcome, and find out how we help our partners build best-fit solutions for their customers.

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Key Considerations for a Successful Remote Working Strategy

After being forced to experience home-working en-masse through the COVID-19 pandemic, many feel that the days of the traditional office-based working are a thing of the past. Many companies have been forced to rush into implementing or extending home-working solutions at pace and, as such, have lived with several compromises to achieve employee safety.

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3 Voice Technology Use Cases to Inspire Your Digital Transformation

Countless companies rely on contact centres to service customer queries and generate sales revenue. The contact centre is an established institution but there is an ongoing change in the technology that underpins its operations. Businesses that fail to engage with contact centre transformation risk irritating their customers and provoking the ire of leaders that question […]

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How Connect Enables Digital Transformation

To service today’s customers, your business needs to stay relevant and deliver a consistently efficient and streamlined service. At Conn3ct, our offerings are built around the broader context of digital transformation to help you provide this very service.