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How Connect Overcame Complex Transformation Challenges During COVID-19

At Connect, our expert team solves complex transformation challenges that the larger OEMs and SIs can’t. Discover some of the problems we’ve helped our customers overcome, and find out how we help our partners build best-fit solutions for their customers.

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Key Considerations for a Successful Remote Working Strategy

After being forced to experience home-working en-masse through the COVID-19 pandemic, many feel that the days of the traditional office-based working are a thing of the past. Many companies have been forced to rush into implementing or extending home-working solutions at pace and, as such, have lived with several compromises to achieve employee safety.

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How to meet the challenge of an increase in staff working from home

With most employees working from home, it has created some business-critical challenges for our customers to cope with that didn’t exist not too long ago. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share a collection of stories of these challenges and what solution we implemented in case you are facing a […]

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3 of the Most Common Unified Communications Challenges

Unified communication (UC) integrates deeply into the way a business works: improving business processes, creating happier customers and boosting the experience for staff too.

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Maximising UC & Contact Centre Technology To Provide Business Contingency

When a disaster recovery plan is put into action for a business, it results in important decisions that need to be addressed to ensure business contingency and the continuation of serving your customers.

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Why It’s Time For Collaboration Software Vendors To Collaborate

IT solutions for increasing employee productivity have had a dramatic effect over recent years, beginning with the introduction of email, video conferencing and instant messaging, and more recently tablets and smartphones encouraging flexible and remote working. The result of this is that personal productivity has been boosted enormously – we have everything we need to do […]