Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Statement from Connect

Last updated: 02/03/22

To All Our Customers,

Following Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, many organisations are anticipating an increased risk of cyber-attacks and incidents.

In order to maintain services to our customers during this time, Connect are remaining vigilant and will continue to monitor cybersecurity risks both internally and for customers as the situation evolves:

  • Monitoring tools are in place and are set to alert for any unusual or unwanted activities;
  • Strong access control to assets is configured with MFA being enabled where possible;
  • Incident Response, including DDoS Mitigation and Business Continuity plans, are in place in the event of disruption to services;
  • Staff awareness is being maintained via our cyber security awareness program.

With regard to customers for whom we provide services in Ukraine, our hearts and minds are with you at this difficult time.

Should you require any assistance from Connect then please contact your account manager or our support team who will endeavour to do what we can to ensure continuity for your teams.

Mark Evans, VP of Operation